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2022-04-07 09:30:20 By : Ms. Anna Zhou

The Toy Story Hotel has opened at Tokyo Disney Resort, and we are there for its first week of operation. Join us on a tour of our standard room.

The resort is themed from head to toe. The hallway walls are patterned with “Toy Story” characters. The room numbers are large and colorful, like toys.

Immediately to the right upon entering are coat hooks that look like giant thumbtacks with matching colorful hangers.

Even the emergency exit route on the back of the door is themed to look like a chalkboard.

The “please do not disturb” sign looks like it was handwritten by a child or toy on graph paper.

Under the coat hooks is a shoe rack. Like most Japanese hotels, the Toy Story hotel gifts guests slippers and a bathrobe.

These “Toy Story” slippers are white with Woody’s face on the straps.

The really cute detail is that “Andy” is on the bottom of one of the slippers in his handwriting from the film.

A standard room has two double beds.

The walls of the room resemble the walls of Andy’s room, with white faux wood wainscoting below the iconic blue and white cloud wallpaper.

The headboard is shaped like that of Andy’s bed, with a crescent moon cutout at the top.

The beds have white sheets and pillows, but red runners with the pattern from Woody’s bandana. The bed skirt has a top layer resembling denim. A yellow check pattern peeks out of the corners, reminiscent of Woody’s shirt.

The headboard covers the tops of both beds, with a light hanging between them.

It shines down on a colorful round end table.

Instead of framed artwork, items are stuck directly on the walls like posters. Here is a giant stamp featuring Woody and the gang from “Woody’s Roundup.”

Above the desk is a giant Mickey watch, which Andy had as a clock in the film.

A Rex poster hangs above the desk.

Near the bed is a drawing of Woody and Buzz, ostensibly by Andy.

There is a Buzz Lightyear poster on the other side of the bed.

A giant sticker of Hamm is near the window.

Speaking of the window, it has sheer white curtains behind privacy curtains patterned with yellow stars.

Next to the window is a small green table with a wooden desk chair.

The TV has a giant Etch A Sketch frame around it.

Beneath the TV is the trundle bed. When upright, it resembles Andy’s stagecoach toy box.

Inside, there are decals of Woody, Jessie and Bullseye, and Buzz asleep among the stars.

The desk is red with a light wood top. It is built into the wall and has two outlet strips on top of it.

The red desk lamp resembles Luxo Jr. from Pixar’s first short film.

On the desk is the room phone, a Toy Story Hotel-branded notepad, and a pen.

These are commemorative postcards. Two feature the Buzz and Woody drawing from the wall.

The other two feature the exterior of the hotel with the wall sky in the background.

There is a tissue box and tea kettle.

Teas, mugs, and an ice bucket are on the shelf beneath.

The mugs are all red, matching the red desk.

There is a blue ottoman underneath the desk.

And a small trash can.

The desk also holds a flashlight and a safe.

Behind the large cabinet door is the mini-fridge.

Buzz Lightyear-inspired bathrobes are in the drawers.

The robe is white, with a purple and green stripe across the center.

It also has purple and green stripes around the collar and sleeves too.

The buttons are blue, green, and red.

Now onto the bathroom, which has a sliding door with a mirror on the front. The faux tile floor is mostly white, with the occasional blue, orange, green, or purple tile.

There is one sink in a marble counter.

Above the sink is a mirror with bubbles down the side. The bubbles actually light up with the main light of the bathroom.

The bathroom has puzzle wallpaper, and, like the faux tile, it is mostly white with a few colored pieces.

Red cups and various amenities are on the vanity.

The amenities are all in Toy Story Hotel packaging featuring more drawings of “Toy Story” characters.

Beneath the vanity are two cubbies, one holding the hairdryer and one holding a tissue box. Below the cubbies are a trash can, a blue step stool, and a wicker basket.

Another door leads to the toilet.

The puzzle piece wallpaper extends into this room.

Across from the toilet room is the shower room, which has real tile on the floor.

This is laid out like a more traditional Japanese shower room. You step directly into the half dedicated to the shower.

The shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are mounted on the wall next to the detachable showerhead.

To the side is the tub.

A towel rack and shelf are above the tub.

Most of the shower room has white wall tile, but the wall above the tub features Wheezy surrounded by bubbles and music notes.

Like some of the other art in the hotel room, this mural looks hand-drawn with crayons.

Watch our video tour of the room below.

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