NYC Restaurants Ordered Closed Sept. 10-16 | Upper East Side, NY Patch

2022-09-24 02:23:28 By : Ms. Sophie Liu

NEW YORK — Filth flies, vermin and unwashed hands — restaurants across the city have dirty secrets they'd rather not share. But New York City's Health Department is watching.

Every year, inspectors arrive unannounced at more than 25,000 restaurants to examine health and safety standards.

Most eateries pass inspections, but some fall short of the city's standards, accruing violation points for everything from broken light bulbs to "public health hazards," like vermin and failure to follow food safety protocols.

Restaurants hit with non-food-safety violations might get a fine or a lower letter grade, with zero to 13 points warranting an 'A' and violations totaling 28 points or more earning a 'C' (this system is criticized for its efficacy by some gourmands).

Public health hazards that can't be resolved on the spot, like a mouse or fly infestation, pose a bigger issue: immediate closure.

Here's all the eateries that the Department of Health closed down since Sept. 10:

Wu's Wonton King (165 East Broadway):

Hop Kee Restaurant (21 Mott St.):

Taste of The City Fresh Grill (1368 Flatbush Ave.):

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