Police Blotter: Man Taking Bath In Walgreens Restroom Is Trespassed; Woman's $400 Purse, IDs and Credit/Debit Cards Stolen From Her Unlocked Vehicle - Chattanoogan.com

2022-05-28 20:34:02 By : Mr. Shanghai Yiguang

An employee at Walgreens, 110 N Market St., asked police to trespass a homeless man who had been taking a bath using the store bathroom. Police spoke with the man and informed him that store employees requested that he not come back, and that he is being trespassed for the previously mentioned reason.

A man at an apartment on Mountain Creek Road told police he observed a man cut a catalytic converter from a neighbor's vehicle and take off on a black mountain bike. The theft occurred around 8:26 a.m. He described the man as a tall (possibly 5'10"-6'), slender white male, with a dark jacket (possibly vinyl or fake leather), dark pants (possibly blue jeans) and a dark ball cap. Police spoke with the neighbor and observed her vehicle (2004 Honda CRV) had damage underneath, with the catalytic converter having been cut out. Police searched the area, but nothing further was located.

* * * Police were called to 1031 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. in reference to an open door, possible homeless people inside of a vacant house. Police spoke to the property owner via cell phone, who said she did not wish to pursue prosecution should anyone be found inside, but did wish to have them criminally trespassed. Police cleared the building and found it to be unoccupied. Police  observed the front door of the address to be open due to forced entry. The owner said she also owns another vacant house next door and wished for police to check it was well. Police observed the front door of that house to be unlocked and unable to properly secure. Police attempted to clear the building, but due to the front staircase being blocked/barricaded with old clothes, boxes, etc., police could not enter. Police gave several verbal commands while at the foot of the stairs and there did not appear to be anyone inside. Police placed both addresses on the Watch List for the next three nights. The woman was asked to call back about the matter at any time. Due to the influx of homelessness in the vicinity, this is an ongoing problem near the downtown area with vacant buildings/houses.

A man on Walker Avenue told police that his brother's rental car was stolen from in front of his house. He said the vehicle was left unlocked and the keys were still in it. The 2021 Silver Chevy Malibu (TN tag) is owned by Enterprise Rental and has been entered into NCIC. It was later found that this vehicle was wrecked and abandoned at 980 N. Orchard Knob Ave. The vehicle has been removed from NCIC and Enterprise Rental has been notified.

Police were checking on an alarm at Scenic City Air, 6135 Airways Blvd., and found a man and woman who were loading up old scrap metal into a trailer. The man told police that the owner of the company allows this twice per week. Police could not make contact with the responsible, but have the video and couple's information on file in case a complaint is made.

A man told police that while he was at Bud's Sports Bar, 5751 Brainerd Road, sometime between 10-11:30 p.m. his wallet was stolen. Inside his wallet was $700 cash, misc. ID cards and misc. credit/debit cards. There is no suspect information.

A man told police that he was walking out of Publix on Snow Hill Road when a red Lincoln with an older white male driver blew the horn at him. He said the driver of the Lincoln then revved up the engine and drove forward and hit him with the vehicle. The man said that he did not need any medical attention and that he just wanted officers to look in the area for the driver and see if he was okay to drive. The man thought that he was able to remember the registration information for the Lincoln, but the information did not come back to any vehicle.

A woman told police that while she was at the Enterprise Nature Park, 190 Still Hollow Loop, between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. someone entered her vehicle and stole her credit/debit  cards and $20 cash from her wallet.

A woman on Ocoee Street told police that she and her daughter were having a verbal disagreement and she wanted her daughter to leave the residence. The woman said she owned the residence and the daughter was not on the deed and did not pay any bills. The daughter packed her belongings and police watched her leave without incident.

Police observed a pair of vagrants loitering in the 5200 block of Austin Road. The woman, who police recognized, became furious when police asked the man accompanying her for his  information. She said police were violating his rights by asking for his information. Police informed her that they were not violating his rights by acquiring information he was willingly giving out.

A man on Montview Drive who had earlier reported his car stolen called police to report that his car was returned to his home, but his daughter, who stole the car, was not on scene. The vehicle was removed from NCIC.

A woman on Hughes Avenue told police that sometime overnight someone used a blunt object to strike the side of her 2017 Chevy Sonic multiple times, leaving multiple dents and marks.

A woman at Orange Grove, 517 Arlington Ave., told police someone stole a catalytic converter off of one of their vehicles. She said the vehicle was a Ford F-250 pickup. There is no suspect information.

A man on Shallowford Village Drive told police that he had some illegal charges on his  two credit cards. One of the charges was for $170.87 on his Chase personal card at Volcano and the others were at Texas Roadhouse on Shallowford Road using his Chase business credit card for $96.48 and $29.78. The transactions/charges are for orders that were made at these two locations and he has not spoken to anyone from either place about this incident. He still has his cards, so he said someone must be using his card numbers. Also, he's not sure if the transactions were done online or in person and he does not have times, just dates. He said he has no proof of who is doing this, but he suspects it’s related to a moving company that helped move his belongings recently. Also, he said he has some Cash App charges and he has a made a report with his local PD in Red Bank.

The manager of Harbor Freight, 4860 Hixson Pike, told police that sometime over the weekend someone attempted to make entry into the store via the back door. The manager showed police where someone used a crow bar and damaged the rear door. He said that the person did not gain entry into the store, however they will have to replace the large door. He said that the store does have video in the rear of the building, but he has not found anything on camera yet.

A woman on Windsor Street reported that sometime overnight someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her purse ($400) containing her IDs and credit/debit cards.

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