Bonnaroo 2016: New bathrooms open to rave reviews

2022-06-04 03:19:06 By : Mr. Julian Wang

Jessica Collins has heard the Bonnaroo bathroom horror stories.

Of the stench. Of the slop. Of the substandard facilities.

But on a hot, dusty Thursday afternoon at the music festival's Manchester, Tenn. fairgrounds, the first-time Bonnaroo attendee from Austin raised her hands high in thanks knowing she would never live out any of the potty nightmares that haunt the festival's past. That's because during this year's 15th annual Bonnaroo she got to use the first permanent bathrooms on the farm's site where nearly 100,000 people will camp out and brave the elements for the next four days.

"I've heard horror stories in previous years such as you finally find a stall, you're peeing on top of somebody's pee or other bodily fluids... you've got to wait in long lines," said Collins, 25. "Today I walked up to them and there was a woman in the bathroom literally directing like there was a symphony, pointing "You go here' so I didn't wait in line. There was a beautiful art installation when I got to the bathroom, it was super clean and I had places to wash and dry my hands. The bathroom has been my sanctuary this festival and that is a beautiful thing."

Two "Flushable Toilets!" (or so the Bonnaroo map handed out to each attendee calls them) are located on the ground thanks to a new permanent water line installed on the festival grounds. (Don't fret: Of course, there are still a slew of porta-potty's scattered across the farm).

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Both permanent loos include separate restrooms for men and women with one site located just east of the "That Tent" and the other located just south of the "Who Stage."

Inside, 300 toilets rest amid two cement block buildings near a separate hand-washing area complete with sinks, hand soap and automatic dryers.

The entryway of each potty house is also adorned with green, purple and pink columns..

In addition to the new restrooms, there are 58 new filling stations for water bottles, located on the outside of the new bathroom buildings.

Another welcomed addition: Three new shower buildings on the campgrounds, each holding 56 showers.

Second year Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival attendee Victoria Mason called the new permanent bathrooms a life changer.

"I was here at Bonnaroo last year, had an amazing experience and would never pass it up but these bathrooms are mystical, compared to what they were last year," the 24-year-old Chicago resident said. "I mean, the running water, I get to splash my face, I get to do my business, it's literally perfect."

As the sun set Thursday, Nashville resident Adam Colvell called the new permanent bathroom a real sense of excitement and joy.

"I haven't heard anyone complain or say that we've sold out to the old Bonnaroo," Colvell said. "It's more like, 'I just washed my hands.'"

First look: Bonnaroo 2016 takes shape with new bathrooms

Marcia Masulla contributed to this report. Reach Natalie Neysa Alund at 615-259-8072. Follow her on Twitter @nataliealund.